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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Pain/No Gain???

So I've been working out with a veritable Nazi who creates walking routes designed by the devil himself and SOMEHOW I'm still surprised when it absolutely sucks. Want a good workout? Climb a hill while pushing a stroller. That's right, go find some little kid that you can drag along with you and push them up a freaking mountain. This does two things:

1) Totally works out your upper body because those teacup humans weigh a lot when its you against gravity.

2) It forces you to do lunges! This is great in theory, but when you wake up the next morning feeling like you spent a weekend in a Tijuana brothel its seems like a terrible idea in retrospect.

And one other thing: Unrelated to the children, but relevant to the current situation, is the fact that you should not drink beer while mountain climbing. The carbonation in your stomach increases the urge to throw up. As we started out walking last night we decided we would stop at the liquor store that was halfway down the hill. We thought they closed at 8pm and after booking it (apparently nothing motivates us like vodka) we found out that it actually closes at 7pm. It was disappointing.

So as a backup plan we decided to go to the convenience store, also located in the strip mall, and get a 6 pack to work on. Don't worry, it was light beer, therefore healthy. This was a great idea until we actually started climbing back up the hill. Then all of that refreshing carbonation that you enjoyed at the park while the children played starts to foam and bubble back up. There were a few times I thought I might actually hurl foam up on the side of the road. I guess drinking and exercise don't mix.

Regardless finding a great walking buddy and integrating new challenges into your routine. Strollers are a great way to work out the upper body on the way up and the abs on the way down. Switching off with hand weights is another good one. The best workout is one that you can do with someone and enjoy it.  

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