Can a Fat Girl on the inside become a Skinny Girl on the outside?

No one said this was going to be easy...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Not Playing Nice

Most days I go through a variety of emotions about my weight.  Sad, motivated, laissez-faire, happy, but I am PISSED.  I am so tired of being over-weight.  I am tired of my clothes not fitting right.  I am angry at myself that I can't seem to get a grasp on it this time around.  I am angry that even if I try my hardest it is going to take months to get where I want to be.  It is just too much for me to handle today.  I want to scream and cry and beat myself up, but I know that it won't do any good.  The only upside that I can think of right now is that I am actually not stress eating because of this. 

I. AM. DONE. Being a fatty.  I want to look in the mirror and be happy with what I have again.  I want to win this battle, but today is a day where I'm so mad at myself for getting into this shape again.  Why didn't I work to stay where I was at?  I realize that there were medical factors that contributed to my weight game, but I also know that I helped the process along.  So today I am angry.  I am pissed. I am going to make this happen if it causes me misery in the process. 

Enough excuses.  I am going to do this.  I have to do this.  That's my rant for today.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Letting Loose

This weekend was the big move for me.  This was a huge workout for me, which is great, but the eating portion of the weekend was terrible.  I didn't go shopping in the weeks before the move, and by the time moving weekend rolled around I didn't have a lot to eat.  Also, I was running back and forth all day from one place to the next.  So I ate a lot of fast food.  I also feel terrible now.

I am fine with eating badly for one day, but I really went too far with it this weekend.  There were plenty of opportunities for me to eat better than I did, but I convinced myself that it was okay because of everything I was doing.  In the end I just made myself sick.  I ate so much that I wouldn't normally eat and just kept going, and with my system not used to that kind of food.  Today I hit a wall with it, I had terrible diarrhea and I even threw up.  It hit me like a wall and I just felt like fat and grease.

I need to remember that my body feels better when I eat better.  I am really motivated to eat very well this week.  It will take a day or two to detox, but I know that it will be worth it.  I am determined to fill my kitchen with healthy options and not eat any crap.  I will make all my own lunches, and work on making sure I budget and work out as much as I can.

Hopefully this week won't screw me up too bad...but I'm feeling really slovenly right now. :(

Current Weight:  211.9

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Pain/No Gain???

So I've been working out with a veritable Nazi who creates walking routes designed by the devil himself and SOMEHOW I'm still surprised when it absolutely sucks. Want a good workout? Climb a hill while pushing a stroller. That's right, go find some little kid that you can drag along with you and push them up a freaking mountain. This does two things:

1) Totally works out your upper body because those teacup humans weigh a lot when its you against gravity.

2) It forces you to do lunges! This is great in theory, but when you wake up the next morning feeling like you spent a weekend in a Tijuana brothel its seems like a terrible idea in retrospect.

And one other thing: Unrelated to the children, but relevant to the current situation, is the fact that you should not drink beer while mountain climbing. The carbonation in your stomach increases the urge to throw up. As we started out walking last night we decided we would stop at the liquor store that was halfway down the hill. We thought they closed at 8pm and after booking it (apparently nothing motivates us like vodka) we found out that it actually closes at 7pm. It was disappointing.

So as a backup plan we decided to go to the convenience store, also located in the strip mall, and get a 6 pack to work on. Don't worry, it was light beer, therefore healthy. This was a great idea until we actually started climbing back up the hill. Then all of that refreshing carbonation that you enjoyed at the park while the children played starts to foam and bubble back up. There were a few times I thought I might actually hurl foam up on the side of the road. I guess drinking and exercise don't mix.

Regardless finding a great walking buddy and integrating new challenges into your routine. Strollers are a great way to work out the upper body on the way up and the abs on the way down. Switching off with hand weights is another good one. The best workout is one that you can do with someone and enjoy it.  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Quandry

I’m having a little trouble.  Not with dieting, that’s going great.  Not with exercise, thanks to a friend that’s happening.  I’m having trouble with how to reward myself when I’ve accomplished something.  This last week I did a great job of dieting and working out and I lost 3lbs, so 1 ahead of schedule!  My first thought was that I should reward myself, and immediately I thought of what type of food I wanted.  And here in lies the problem. 

I don’t want to continue to reward myself with food.  That isn’t going to be productive in the long run.  I need some new ideas on how to reward myself.  I haven’t been shopping for new clothes lately, cause lets face it, no one wants to buy clothes that are that big.  I don’t really get a rush for putting money in a jar or something when I loose.  There’s only so much stuff you can own.  I need some suggestions.

It’s hard when you realize that your life has turned into a habit that you need to break.  I need to stop making food a focus in my life and instead just something that needs to happen everyday.  Not something to make myself feel better, make myself feel whole, or something that is cheering me on.  There will definitely still be times when I celebrate with food, like on my birthday I can eat ANYTHING I want, and that will never change.  Those occasions just need to be fewer and farther between.

So really, what do I do for the right now?

Friday, August 5, 2011


That’s a really big word.  I know I haven’t written on here in a while, and frankly it’s because I haven’t been able to get any of the weight off. In fact, I piled even more on.  This was so discouraging and I just didn’t know what to do.  I had no energy, I didn’t even want to (and didn’t) get out of bed for days.  This was very hard for me, because I wanted to make a change, but I didn’t feel that I could with my body and my mind behaving the way it was.  I was also grappling with some really intense feelings of depression.  The kind where you can’t get up, and everyday you want to just close your eyes and never wake up.  It was a very dark time for me and I worried what would happen if I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling this way.

Thankfully I have an amazing doctor.  I went and spoke with her about my feelings of depression and lethargy.  She had me go through some blood test and we found the cause of my weight gain, mood and lack of energy.  An extreme Vitamin D deficiency was causing pseudohypothyroidism.  This means that I was having all of the same symptoms of someone that is suffering from thyroid problems, but when they tested my thyroid it was always fine.  Finally she thought to test my vitamin D.  I was put on 50,000 IU a week to get the levels up and I can’t tell you what a change it has made in my life.  I have a lot more energy now, and I finally feel like I can put in the effort to loose weight and get back to the healthy person I was a year ago.  I still need to loose A LOT of weight to get there, but I finally feel that it isn’t an insurmountable goal.

So I’m jumping in with both feet.  I’m actually excited to diet again…weird right?  I am also have a great workout buddy in Melissa from ‘They Call Me Hypo’.  She has had to change her life around due to health issues as well and, to be frank, I can’t complain about diet when I look at what she has to do!  I do, however plan to steal lots of recipes from her!  I am trying to get her to kick my ass on walks, because we both have weight to loose and motivation to do it. Some days come with more motivation than others.

So today I start out again, and even with everything that’s going on, my new job, moving, living by myself…I am ready to make the healthy change in my life.  It’s good that I finally feel like a living, breathing human being again!  I am looking forward to enjoying the rest of my summer and getting svelte by Christmas!

Current Weight:  214
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