Can a Fat Girl on the inside become a Skinny Girl on the outside?

No one said this was going to be easy...

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today marks the 27th year of my existence on this planet.  I can't say that it's been a smooth ride, but as I sit here today I have a certain sense of peace about where I am in life and where I'm going.  I will write my mea culpa about where I've been all these months later, but suffice to say 26 wasn't my best year ever.  It also wasn't the worst.  I had some amazing highs, but some pretty low moments too.  I'm actually pretty glad that year is over, because this is a chance to start fresh, and move on to where my life is supposed to go.  

For the first time in a long time I am looking at the future with excitement.  I have a job I love, a house I own, and some amazing friends that are a part of my life.  I have struggled with depression and anxiety, and I have come out on top.  I have been going to therapy for the last 10 months and I'm feeling really good about where I'm at mentally.  I have successfully lost 26lbs from my heaviest last summer and I'm already feeling better.  I have a lot of goals for this coming year and I am excited.  I have hope.  I have energy.  I have ambition again.

I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you again as I start this new year in earnest.  I want to share with you my goals and my struggles, and I hope to have some fun along the way.  And let's not forget the food, let's never forget the food.  I plan on making some truly orgasmic recipes for you all.  I'm so happy that I am here and that I have the power and the strength to continue this journey.  I can't wait to see what amazing things lie in wait for me this year.  Welcome back to Three and a Half Stones (now Two and a Third)!
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