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Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall is Upon Us

I love Fall.  Or really, I love the promise that winter is coming.  That first morning when you wake up and you see frost and you can taste the cold in the air.  There's something about it that's so refreshing after a long 'meh' summer.  Fall is when the rain comes again, and for a born and bred Washingtonian like myself, the smell of the first rain is something you look forward to every year.

The downside is that working out by walking isn't as fun as it was when it was warm and dry.  Now we have to hike up our big girl panties and march out into the miserable cold.  Rain smells great, and its nice to watch from inside, but not so much fun to be out in for extended periods of time.  Regardless, if I let rain get in my way I wouldn't exercise between October and May so I can't use that as an excuse.  I went walking last Wednesday with Melissa from They Call Me Hypo, like we do every week.  This was our first rain adventure.  She's not from Washington and has a few things to learn about proper layering.  I give you exhibit A:
As you can see, I layered.  I am wearing a hat a sweatshirt and a waterproof jacket.  This is key for rainy weather.  I was actually too warm during parts, although I'll admit I should have worn gloves.  Here's exhibit B:
Not Me
As you can see her sweatshirt is not giving her the warmth and dryness that you need to rally when faced with inclement weather.  #1 rule for rainy weather, waterproof attire.  The sweatshirt will bog you down and give you a chill.

All in all, it was a good walk.  Energizing and proactive.  Don't let a little rain get in your way.  Just be prepared and wear proper clothes.  You'll be glad you did it when you get home, just make sure there is a hot toddy or something else equally warm waiting for you.  Next I'm going to share with you a great fall recipe for apple butter!  Nothing tastes more like fall than apples and cinnamon.  Also, this week is the Three Stones/They Call Me Hypo Skinnygiving!!!  We'll be making a holiday meal that's both filling and healthy.  Something that you can try with your family.  Coming Soon!

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