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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Spicy Garlic Shrimp

The thing that I like best about the time between Thanksgiving and New Years is how much time you get to spend with the people you care about.  The thing I like the least is the extra roll in my middle.  Not okay.  So this month Three Stones/They Call Me Hypo set out to create amazing Skinnytizers that are full of flavor and you could eat all night long and not feel guilty!  I think the key to this, like any food, is to make them full of flavor so you don't feel like you're missing out.

I made two appetizers, these amazing Latin inspired Spicy Lime Shrimp and Veggie "Wellingtons" that I will share soon.  I can't tell you how AMAZING these shrimp were.  I have had a variation of this (consisting of all ingredients in a giant cabbage leaf) for lunch two days this week!  Also, make sure that you hop over to Melissa's blog They Call Me Hypo and check out her recipes for Smoked Cream Cheese and Turkey Holiday Meatballs with Cranberry Sauce.  Both are really good.  The meatballs are like Thanksgiving dinner in a single bite.
Spicy Lime Shrimp

1/2 lb Shrimp (I had 12, but the number will vary on how big the shrimp are, so buy however many you want to make)
1 Tbl Garlic
1 tsp Chili Powder
1 Jalapeno diced (take out the seeds if you want it less spicy)

  • Mix all these ingredients together and let them sit while you prepare everything else.  
  • When everything is ready to go, pop these on a grill pan or saute.
Sour Cream:
1 C Sour Cream
1 Lime zested
Tabasco to taste
  • Mix all these ingredients together
For the Cabbage leafs:
  • Slice the head of cabbage at the base so you can peel the leaves off easily
  • Cut off the part of the leaf that is limp so you're left with a nice firm leaf
  • Section the leaf to your desired shape
Assembling each leaf
  • Smear on a dollop of the sour cream
  • Add some finely sliced red onion
  • Add a small slice of avocado
  • Add shrimp to the top when done
That's it.  That is all there is to it.  It is so incredibly easy that you have no excuse for not doing it.  Oh, and each piece is only 43 calories.  So go, prepare and enjoy!  And look out for the Veggie "Wellingtons", coming soon!
Tip of the Day:  Don't Zest Yourself

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  1. I really like that tip... that is a useful tip. Also, I'm glad you got this posted so I can make it for dinner tomorrow.


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